Latex 500

Grey Back Hybrid PVC/Polyester mix Film

Latex 500 is a crystal embossed white 500 micron, super-flat, rigid, printable PVC/PET hybrid film. This product is typically used to make roll-up graphic media and printable banner displays. It can also be used for general signage, such as hanging signs and mounting to substrates. It has been designed to be used without the need for an over lamination film, and therefore offering a faster production speed and lower cost. Latex 500 is printable with HP Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent and UV Ink-Jet Inks.


Suitable for printing via HP Latex, Eco-Solvent, Solvent and UV Inks. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Please make your own assessment, as solvent ink can vary widely. This is more dependent on ink manufacturer and type, than it is on the printing machine.


  • 914mm
  • 1067mm
  • 1370mm
  • 1520mm


  • 30m
  • 50m
  • Bespoke lengths can be ordered
Latex 400 display stand |


Effort must be made to keep this product free from moisture and excessive exposure to ultra violet radiation before use.


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