Lamination Films (UV Compatible)

70 ‘DEAD’ MATT PVC / PERM / 70 PE KRAFT LINER (1 side Silicon)

Matte clear PVC is an 80µ ‘dead’ matt clear PVC overlaminating film which is coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive suitable for overlamination of all ink types including UV inks. The ‘dead’ matte smooth finish gives absolutely excellent anti-glare properties and therefore this product is commonly used for general paper and filmic poster graphic overlamination where a matte clear completely anti-glare or ‘dead’ matte finish is required. This product is also Class 0 Fire Rated.


  • 1040mm
  • 1300mm
  • 1370mm
  • 1530mm
Lamination Films UV Compatible Matt PVC 3 Year Outdoor Life |


Effort must be made to keep this product free from moisture and excessive exposure to ultra violet radiation before use.


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