Lamination Films (UV Compatible) – Anti-Graffiti

36 CLEAR POLYESTER / PERM / 70 PE KRAFT LINER (1 side silicon)

Anti-Graffiti is a 36µ high gloss clear polyester durable overlaminating film which is coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive suitable for overlamination of all ink types including UV inks. The high glue coat weight offers good UV resistance, and seals the laminate for outdoor use and direct UV print. The high glossy finish and inert surface gives excellent glossy and durable properties, therefore this product is commonly used for overlamination where a glossy clear anti-graffiti finish is required with medium to long term outdoor properties, up to a maximum of 3 years when used in line with Aquasafe warranty guidelines.



  • 1040mm
  • 1300mm
  • 1530mm
Lamination Films UV Compatible Anti Graffiti 3 Year Outdoor Life |


Effort must be made to keep this product free from moisture and excessive exposure to ultra violet radiation before use.


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