Anti-bac Gloss Laminate

Aquabond’s Anti-bac Laminate has an active anti-microbial coating on the surface of the PVC. It fights against bacteria preventing bacteria growth on the surface. This product can be used to cover a range of surfaces(see TDS).
· Anti-Bacterial Gloss is tested in accordance with ISO 22196 (industry standard).

Product is suitable for

  • All kinds of flat surfaces including, desks, tables, doors, cupboards, shelves, windows.
  • All kinds of environments including retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, healthcare environments, educational, public transport, exhibitions and conference facilities.

Product Benefits are

  • Gloss finish
  • Good transparency
  • 3+ year anti-microbial properties
  • Good dimensional stability
  • High coat weight of adhesive for UV ink
    compatibility (no silvering)

Standard Sizes

  • Width: 1040/1300/1370/1530mm Length: 50m
  • Longer lengths available
Permanent matt security film |


This product has a 12 month shelf life. Effort must be made to keep this product free from moisture and excessive exposure to ultra violet radiation before use.


For further information

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