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Bespoke products

Aquabond Limited has vast experience in the development of specific “Tailor-Made” products individually designed to suit bespoke requirements. Whether it’s an adhesive or material related solution you require, Aquabond’s highly qualified and experienced technical team can provide you with the cost-effective, high quality solution you require. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Here are just a few solutions Aquabond has delivered recently

  • Ranging from single to multi-layered laminates
  • ‘Piggyback’ constructions made from paper / film / hybrids
  • Printable top coatings for use with the likes of inkjet, laser, flexo etc.
  • Additional features such as colour change, chemical resistance coatings, anti-slip coatings, anti-static coatings
  • And much more…

In addition to coating and slitting needs, we also have the ability to perform Corona Treatment to increase the surface energy of materials. With this treatment, ink wettability and adhesion are improved. Our materials can be Corona treated in-line so as not to affect lead times.

Bespoke products

Please get in touch with a member of the sales team to discuss how Aquabond can help your business.